Scrubbing And Stripping

We can either scrub or strip your floors depending upon your needs. With either service we guarantee that your floor will look refreshed. More importantly, we use the latest technology provided by Lagler to ensure a dust-free, world class result. Generally speaking, scrubbing is cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly whilst stripping is more labour intensive, uses harsher chemicals and costs more. Both are capable of stunning results, but you generally have more options available to you after stripping a floor rather than scrubbing it. Still, many of our clients ask us, what is the exact difference between scrubbing and stripping your floors?

What is the Difference Between Scrubbing And Stripping A Floor?

Scrubbing and stripping are two different methods by which you can refresh your floor. Which is best for you depends upon the state of your floor and your available budget. Put simply, scrubbing is the process of taking any damaged layers of finish off of your floor and then refinishing it as appropriate. Stripping, on the other hand, is the process of removing all finish that may be on the floor and refinishing it as through it were a new floor. As a result, stripping is generally more expensive than scrubbing, but, depending on your personal circumstances, both services can offer outstanding results.

One final and important difference between stripping and scrubbing is that scrubbing, using less chemicals and less aggressive chemicals generally, is seen as a more environmentally friendly option than stripping.

How We Scrub A Floor

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    1. Apply Mild Scrubbing Solution (pH 7.5-8.5)

    The first step in scrubbing to to apply an appropriate scrubbing solution. As this is a much more gentle chemical than that found in stripping it can be applied by machine saving considerable time and money.

  • 2. Scrub The Floor With An Auto Scrubber

    The next stage in scrubbing is to use an auto scrubber to remove the top layer of finish and any dirt and stains it may have absorbed.

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    3. Rinse Floor

    Once the floor has been scrubbed we rinse and dry the floor in preparation for the addition of new finish. Unlike in stripping, no neutraliser is required at this stage, again saving on time and money.

  • 4. Apply New Finish

    The final step is the application of the new finish to your floor. There are many options available to you from a simple polish to the application of a stain or colour of your choosing. We can discuss this in detail during our initial free consultation.

How We Strip A Floor

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    1. Apply Highly Alkali Stripper Solution (pH 9.5-13)

    The first stage in stripping a floor is to apply a highly alkali solution to remove the existing coats of finish and polish.

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    2. Use An Auto Scrubbing Machine

    The second step in this process is to use an auto scrubber to both scrub the floor and pick up the stripper solution. A few passes may be required to clean all existing polish and finish off of the floor.

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    3. Neutralise The Floor

    Once the floor has been throughly stripped, it is then necessary to neutralise any stripper solution left on or in the wooden floor to ensure that the new finish will not be effected. This is done either by mopping the floor and rinsing with fresh water with neutraliser added or using our auto scrubber. Either way, once done the floor is ready for finishing.

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    4. Refinish The Floor

    At this point we are ready to refinish the floor however the client wants. We can discuss all available options more fully during our initial free consultation.