Sanding & Treating

Wooden flooring, if properly cared for, can last decades and look beautiful. However, too often, wooden floors as not cared for properly and can end up looking drab and uninspiring. Our sanding and treatment service is guaranteed to bring back your floor’s original lustre.

We first sand your floor, removing any old paint, stains or imperfections. Then we replace any irreparable pieces and fill any holes or imperfections. We can then stain the floor to match any colour scheme or simply treat and polish it. Once done your floor will look stunning for years.

The Process

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    1. Floor Sanding

    The first step we take in bringing your floor back to its former state of glory is to sand off the old treatments and varnish.

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    2. Replace And/Or Repair Any Imperfections

    Once sanded, we take a look at the current state of the floor. If there are any sections which are irreparable we will replace them making sure the new materials match your old materials perfectly.

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    3. Stain, Paint And Treat Your Floor

    Once we have replaced all any broken or problematic areas, we are then ready to treat your floor. We may either apply a stain, paint it or simply polish it to bring out the natural pattern in the woodwork.